1. Company KLIMAOPREMA POLSKA Sp. z o. o., hereinafter referred to as the Guarantor, grants the Buyer a guarantee for the products he sells.

  2. KLIMAOPREMA POLSKA undertakes actions aimed at removing defects and defects of products sold in EU and UK. The goods advertised are sent to the Manufacturer by the Contractor for the purpose of diagnosing the damage and removing the defects of the factory or other.

  3. The guarantee period is 36 months from the date of sale of the products on the order (VAT invoice), ie by.

  4. During the warranty period, systematic cleanliness and efficiency of components and their maintenance should be checked.

  5. The warranty covers the following devices:
    Anemostats provided by KLIMAOPREMA POLSKA.

  6. The warranty period is extended for the period of repair calculated on full calendar days.

  7. There are no signs of changes, corrections, deletions, etc. on the warranty card.

  8. The warranty covers defects in equipment caused during normal operation or due to manufacturing defects and does not apply to consumables or other accessories.

  9. The warranty covers free repair and replacement of defective parts only if defects are identified by the Seller

  10. During the warranty period the damaged equipment will be repaired or replaced by the guarantor for the same or free of defects.

  11. In the event that repair or replacement of a new device is not possible, the Purchaser shall have the right to reimburse the amount paid for the goods or to select other equipment of similar value and specifications.

  12. Any monetary difference will be settled by the Guarantor or by the Purchaser, depending on the cost selected by the Purchaser.

  13. The defects discovered during the guarantee period will be removed within the agreed time in writing (by e-mail) between the Guarantor and the Purchaser and in accordance with the manufacturer's factory capabilities.
The warranty does not cover:
  1. Defects resulting from unauthorized, unauthorized repairs, alterations, or structural modifications by the User or other unauthorized persons.

  2. Defects resulting from improper assembly, storage, operation or maintenance of the device, contrary to technical documentation;

  3. Misuse of the device and incompatible with the technical documentation.

  4. Mechanical, thermal, chemical or deliberate damage to equipment and defects resulting from unforeseen events such as rainstorms, storms, floods, fire, theft.

  5. Damage caused by the connection and power supply to the equipment other than those specified on the rating plate.

  6. Natural wear and tear.

  7. Products made on special request of the customer according to its recommendations, not covered by factory tests.

  8. Assembling, commissioning, checking operation, maintenance

  9. Instructions for use, installation and maintenance are given in the manufacturer's catalogs.

  10. Warranty and complaint will not be considered if the device is removed or damaged in a way that does not identify the product.

  11. Any disputes against the background of the Guarantee shall be settled by the court competent for the seat of the Guarantor.
The condition for granting the guarantee is to pay the full payment for the goods.
Sales Terms and Conditions:

  1. The complaint must be notified immediately after the damage or defect is identified.

  2. Condition of accepting the complaint is presentation of original VAT invoice and guarantee card.

  3. The advertised equipment must have a complete documentation with a description of the fault.

  4. The condition of claim recognition will be confirmed by the technical diagnosis of the manufacturer of the device as to the cause and effect of the damage.

  5. In order to repair the goods it is necessary to deliver it to the Guarantor at its own expense. If necessary, repair or replacement of the device as well as return to the Purchaser will take place at the expense of the Guarantor. He will also be reimbursed for shipping costs

  6. KLIMAOPREMA POLSKA is entitled to charge the Purchaser at the expense of service and / or exchange of equipment and transportation costs, if it is found that the device is working or damage was caused by reasons not covered by the warranty and the complaint was unreasonable.

  7. Packaged goods must be packed in a way that protects them from damage during transportation.
  8. In case of a reasonable complaint KLIMAOPREMA POLSKA reserves the right to decide how to implement it, ie repair or replacement of equipment.

  9. Repair does not cover the operations provided in the operating instructions to which the Purchaser / User is obliged to do so on its own and at its own expense.